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Please Help Us End Polio!

ATJ’s Home Improvement has been involved in many charitable community programs and supported their events and initiatives well before this website came about.

In 2010 Tomas R. Astrauskas, the Founder of ATJ’s Home Improvement, has been named the Paul Harris Fellow. One of Rotary’s highest awards, it is awarded to individuals whose life exemplifies the humanitarian and educational objectives of the Rotary Foundation.

Currently, ATJ’s Home Improvement is actively involved in the world-wide initiative to eradicate polio. The initiative is led by Rotary International and Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

ATJ’s Home Improvement has pledged to donate 10 cents from each dollar it earned to the Rotary’s "End Polio Now" initiative. The counter on our home page is updated bi-weekly and shows the amount that has been raised to date.

Polio (poliomyelitis) is a vicious disease that strikes children under the age of five and can cause paralysis and even death. Since there’s no cure for polio, the easiest way to protect children from polio is prevention.

After 25 years of continuous hard work, Rotary and its partners are very close to eradicating polio and seeing the world-for the first time-certified polio-free.

Whether you are a client of ATJ’s Home Improvement, a fellow Rotarian or just another compassionate human being browsing this page, please consider donating to Rotary’s "End Polio Now" Fund. Thank you!