Basic Siding Care: Keeping Your Home Beautiful and Strong

chicago sidingMaintaining our homes is a very important factor in our day to day life. Just like everything else, our property needs to be look after and properly maintained to avoid bigger and more expensive problems in the future.

Most of us tend to spend more time caring about the interior of our home than exterior. However, the home exterior need more care so as to make it last longer and protect the whole structure from any kind of adversity.

You have beautiful siding and invested a fortune to make it stand out in your neighborhood? It is surely good to look at but not for long. You have to take care and maintain your siding (be it of any material) to make it stay like that or else it will get leaks and cracks all over.  So before going on how to take care, the first question or rather the first step towards making your home stronger and better is spotting the rough places in the first place or the suspected places on the exterior where you think your siding is weak. These places can be anywhere, but the most common can be the spots near the doors and windows and the spots near gutters.

So the initial step on how to take care of your siding is dealing with your gutters. Gutters are the drainage pipes that drain the unwanted water away from your exterior or your siding. If these are damaged then water will get into the siding and flow through the foundation of your home. This is will not only weaken the siding but will also damage the structure altogether in the long run.  Things that you can do to avoid problems with your siding:

  • Thorough monitoring and frequent cleaning of the whole gutter to release any clogging from dust, objects or snow.  In Chicago this step is vital in order to take care of your siding; otherwise, this will lead to irreparable damage.
  • Regular inspection of the whole gutter structure to find leaks and holes that may lead to damage to your siding. This inspection is important as small leaks can be nipped in the bud initially but if it is overlooked it can turn into a big leak which can then weaken your siding and the whole structure.
  • If you have trees nearby to your house your job of cleaning your gutter becomes more important as leaves, branches can easily clog the gutters. So take your time out and clean the gutters twice a year.
  • Inspect of sagging or any other structural faults well within time and before it is too late.

The “Do It Yourself” concept is quite widely encouraged nowadays and the above tips are quick and easy fixes but sometimes it gets beyond your scope of work like a good amount damage on your siding or a big hole around the windows or your doors, this is where you will need to contact a skilled professional.