Just Finished: Granulated Torch Down Roof with Tapered Insulation

Glad to be back to Northbrook, Illinois! Just completed a granulated torch down roof with tapered insulation. Came out nice... and we hope it’s going to last... almost forever (as it’s supposed to).

Torch down roofing is made of a rubberized asphalt material that is melted to the roof of a home using a torch. Any homeowner (especially any commercial building) that is in need of strong, yet flexible water-resistant roofing material should go with this type of product.

Torch down roofs can also provide protection from heat. Adding extra coats of torch down applies a fire-resistant layer to the roof of a home. Torch down roofs also reflect UV rays, which helps keep indoor temperatures down during the summer.

Finally, torch roofing is also free of harmful fumes. Unlike tar, torch down roofing systems do not give off any type of harmful, noxious fumes.

Check out a mini-gallery below for more pictures. 

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