Severe Storms Rolled Through Chicago Area

Severe thunderstorms rolled through the Chicago area Wednesday evening. Heavy showers along with gusty winds were observed over the areas.

While Plano experienced localize flooding on residential streets, in Spring Groove a lightning incursion started a small fire and caused damage to a house. Likewise, in Addison another lightning strike is assumed to have produced a fire and a hole in the roof of a home.

As per ComEd, near 22,000 consumers were without power due to the downpours over the Chicago area. This breakdown was much reported in Kankakee area with almost 11,000 consumers. Consequently, the power was out all over several blocks.

The biggest threat for severe weather persisted south of the I-80 corridor, however areas north of it did experience some squalls.

We sincerely hope that you are well and your property has not been damaged. However, if you suspect that your Chicago area home may have been damaged by a storm (wind or hail), do not hesitate to contact us here at ATJ’s Home Improvement. We specialize in hail damage repair and we do provide free consultations and estimates.