Strong Winds, Storm, and Hail Predicted for Chicago

The entire Chicago area could experience potentially significant severe weather on Wednesday, according to the National Weather Service. Potential hazards have been issued for damaging winds, large hail, flooding rains, lightning and even possible tornadoes.

Thunderstorms are likely in the morning, with the possibility of severe storms developing in the afternoon. There is a potential hazard for large hail.

Another storm, possible between mid-late afternoon through the evening, shows an even higher severe threat plus a potential flooding hazard. The worst is forecast for late evening: factors could exist to create a potential derecho effect of extended, widespread linear wind storms. Forecasts call for a high of 80 degrees and a low of 67.

While we’ve had a stretch of uneventful warmth, a chance of Armageddon shouldn’t be too much of a surprise.

Please stay safe, avoid being outside, especially near large trees or power lines. If your home is surrounded by large trees, arrange a stay at a friend’s or relative’s house.

While hail doesn’t automatically mean damage to your roof, if you feel that your roofing structure may have been damaged, contact experienced roofer like ATJ’s Home Improvement immediately.