Pamela Brabeck
Aurora, IL
ATJ’s estimator Mark left a great impression. He was easy to talk to and wasn’t trying to sell us things we didn’t need. Mark provided us with lots of useful information, which was very helpful to our decision making process. We finally chose ATJ’s Home Improvement because they appeared to me the most professional and provided us with the best price. The project was completed promptly. Highly recommended!
Thomas Teresi
Huntely, IL
ATJ’s estimator really knew what he was doing. Our insurance company ended up covering all the roofing expenses. The roofing crew did an impeccable job and took time to clean the area afterwards. We’re very happy with the craftsmanship and quality of our new roof. I've already recommended ATJ’s to my acquaintances. I’m especially grateful to one of the guys on the roofing crew—too bad I don’t remember his name. He went an extra mile for us and fixed all the screens.
Anne Skay
Aurora, IL
ATJ’s estimator Mark was really easy to talk to and friendly. We chose ATJ’s because they worked on our neighbors’ roof a month ago and the company came highly recommended. In addition, I had a chance to observe the ATJ’s crew as they were working on the same neighbors’ roof and I saw the final result. I really liked the quality of their work, so this sealed the deal for us. The roofing crew worked very fast; they took very short breaks and cleaned up the area immediately after finishing the job. Well done—I have no complaints about our new roof. I will definitely recommend ATJ’s to my friends and family.
Michael Filippelly
Aurora, IL
We picked ATJ’s from a pool of five roofing contractors. I actually knew a few people who worked there and I’ve seen their work before. Happy with the pricing. Once we noticed a problem with our new roof, ATJ’s roofers promptly came back and took care of the problem.
Ed Rayon
Aurora, IL
I worked with two estimators, Mark and Larry, and both were great. ATJ’s was recommended to me by a friend. Our insurance covered all the expenses. The roofing crew was polite and cleaned up the area very diligently. Once the job was completed, Larry came back and made sure everything was in order. I will definitely recommend ATJ’s Home Improvement to my friends as a very professional company.